Our Certified staff provides guidance in a low ratio environment that a child can master

Infant & Toddler:
Six weeks to 24 months
and ​
Tremendous Twos:
Twenty-four to thirty-six months

 Develop fine and gross motor skills

Give security to children in a play 
and learning environment

Instill self-confidence

 Small groups to aid learning, friendships and social skills 

 Independent time of a wide variety of curriculum that is exciting and stimulating where the teacher serves as a facilitator

 A balance of independent and group activities

 Activities are appropriately suited to your child's developmental level.
Day School Programs:
3, 4, 5 year old children

Back to the Basics

Learning Environments:  
Language Arts, World Environment - Practical Life - Sensorimotor Skills - Academics - Arts/Crafts - Science - Agriculture - Math Concepts -History - Geography

Physical Education:
Active outdoor play for large muscle growth 

Manipulative Activities: 
for small muscle development

Art & Music 
to promote  creativity and imagination

stories to build vocabulary

Field Trips 
to expand knowledge of our world

Health & Safety 
for the child's well being

Nap/Quiet Time 
for restoration of bodies and disposition

Dramatic Play & Puppetry 
to encourage healthy emotional growth

School age and Summer Program
Ages 6-12

Our professional staff provides activities 
and experiences that:

.. Foster a positive self-concept and sense of independence

.. Encourage children to think, question, reason and experiment

.. Enhance physical development and cooperation

.. Encourage health, safety and nutrition

.. Encourage an awareness and involvement in the community at large
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Where there are no average children


Full Time Rates:
6 Weeks to 24 Months - $845.00

2 years old - $775.00

3 to 4 years old - $695.00
(must be potty trained)

School Age
School Year - $495.00
Summer - $675.00

 Part Time Rates:
 2 Days/week $365.00 
 3 Days/week $495.00 
 5 half days  $495.00
(7:00 am - 12:30 pm)

10% off 2nd child

10% off for:
Bureau of Indian Affairs Employee
Health Care Employee
employee badge required