Our mission is to:  
provide children six weeks through eleven years a warm, nurturing, safe environment that promotes creative thinking and problem solving; an environment that enhances the early positive development of the total child. 

Children progress at different tempos and have different goals.  We strive to understand their cultures, hopes, fears and their talents.  

We desire to empower parents and staff to work in a partnership and become advocates for all children.

Philosophy Statement

Enhanced Physical Development
Through various types of self-selected active play, your child is encouraged to develop both large and small muscles for better health.

Through guidance towards wholesome attitudes about physical health and the body, children become more aware of caring for their bodies.

Children have access to exercise in our large fenced playgrounds.

Hot and nutritious meals are served family style and there is discussion about various foods and their benefits.

Through active listening skills, story telling techniques and encouragement of expression, children begin to broaden their vocabulary.

We make use of a "buddy" system for the development of social skills and increased sense of belonging.

By building a healthy self-concept and lending guidance toward positive ways of reacting to one another, children can manage their own emotions.

Developing respect for others and their rights is an important part of our program
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Freda Arellano, Director
Choices for Children Day School is an open center
You are welcome to visit any time
Take a personal guided tour
Spend some time with us.
Where there are no average children
Take the time to spend a morning with your child at Choices for Children Day School and see how everything and everyone works together.  We're sure everyone will be pleased with the attention and the program.

In addition to full paying parents, we accept CYFD, TANF, and foster care payments.  We also participate with the NM Child Care Food program to provide nutritious meals and snack.